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Hello guys! A hello full of shame because I haven't posted anything for a long time.

But for my comeback, I wanted to tell you about my adventures in the search for something to listen while I work (other than music) where I found the world of podcasting. I had no idea that this was a thing. In fact, it is an industry growing super fast.

But what is a podcast, exactly?

Basically it is a customizable, downloadable radio program that you can listen in online platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud or iVoxx, and some on YouTube, among many others.

The podcast can be about any topic: books, news, education, discussions, debates, technology, etc. There is everything you can imagine, and that is their wonder. It has such a rich content, it is very easy to educate yourself on many topics while you are listening.

Right now it is a big trend, because it’s a very precise content, easy to produce and consume. You can hear it while you're anywhere. For example, I listen them while I'm working or drawing.

Why listen to podcasts?

Most people prefer to listen to music, but I prefer to listen to people talking about a lot of interesting things while I'm doing anything. Especially when you're an adult, already working, the room for learning is very small, so I think it's an interesting opportunity to take advantage of. But among other benefits I have:

  • Accessibility: Podcasts, unlike radio, have the possibility to be heard anywhere and any time, as many times as you want.

  • Infinite topics: If you are looking for a specific topic, it is likely that there are hundreds of podcasts about it already.

  • Experience: most of these podcasts are made by experts, so the sources can be very reliable.

  • Free: it is a free content that anyone with internet can access to.

The biggest podcast market is in english, so you can guess that most of them are in english. But there are some in spanish that are cool too. Many of the ones I follow are about creativity or business and I want to share with you my favorites.


Creativity and Business:

• Creative pep talk: it was the first podcast I listened to and the one who encouraged me to follow my path as an illustrator with the best tactics. Andy J. Miller will tell you every week how to have the perfect balance between your business and your artist life. Fav episode: 173 Episode • Find your place

• Being Boss: it's about how to be the boss and succeed. The most wonderful thing about it? They are two women who talk about business and entrepreneurship with all the experience in the world. Whether it's a one person business, two or a whole team, this podcast has to be on your list. Fav episode: all of them.


Diseño Cha Cha Cha (spanish podcast): many latinos wonder how can make their way in countries like the US, with such a competitive labor market, especially in industries related to technology, service pages such as AirB & B, among other. Favorite episode: E03 • Design for agencies, startups and companies with Luisa Mancera

Viviendo del cuento (spanish podcast): some female illustrators share their experience and tell you some advices about how is to be an illustrator. The podcast is very recent, so there are just a few episodes.

• Others that I listen to: Taller de ilustración, Art Side of Life, The art corner, Design Matters by Debbie Millman, After the jump, Invisible office hours.


Other podcasts on various topics

Many times I'm not in the mood to listen something that is related to my career, so I listen to podcasts about random topics, news or about life in general.

Radio Ambulante (spanish podcast): it's probably my favorite podcast, it's about news from Latin America, those stories that they normally don't show on TV or that have stories told from a very personal point of view. My fav episode: In this town there are no thieves.

Edo y Fran hablan de amistad (spanish podcast): this is a married couple that made an illustrated book about friendship as adults. And to promote their book they made a podcast where they talk about certain types of friends and how we work with them. The podcast is a great complement to the book. Fav episode: #17 Not being there.

No sé, dime tú (spanish podcast): Maiah and Gabriel give their opinions on a lot of topics with humor and very complex opinions about the world, pop culture, religion, science and life in general. Probably, this is the formula for a dream newscast.


These are the ones I usually listen to, but if you have suggestions that you want to share, please leave it in the comments below, and be sure I'll listen to them later.

Thanks for reading, and also remember to share and like this post if you liked it. Also follow my adventures on Instagram.



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