Sketchbook Tour #1

Nota: Si hablas español puedes disfrutar de la nota aquí.

Hi there guys. How are you?

I just posted my first video about my old sketchbooks (well, the ones I have here in Bogota). So I wrote this post about the good and bad things related to the last sketchbook I used, just in case you want one. I also added a list of the art supplies I tried in this sketchbook. :)

*In this video I speak spanish*

Sketchbook: Canson Sketch Esquisse I Croques


  • It's cheap (8$ on amazon)
  • The size is really good and portable. (5.5 in x8.5 in)
  • The spine is comfortable and lets you work in small spaces.
  • The paper works nicely with markers but it bleeds through the other side anyway.
  • The paper works really good with dry art supplies.
  • It has 100 sheets


  • It has no pockets (but you can make one by yourself)
  • The front cover is not made of strong cardboard like the back cover.
  • It doesn't support wet materials (inks, watercolors, etc.)
  • The paper soaks a lot of ink from the markers.


The sketchbook is nice, the size and price are really good for someone that uses dry supplies and with a low budget. Also, If you are not traveling I think there is no need to spent in a hard cover sketchbook. I think of sketchbooks like a space to go a little crazy and experiment a lot, so for me it is important that they be tough but cheap.

But let's say you travel a lot and need to keep the sketches in good condition, then I suggest you get a Moleskine or Lechturm. They are very tough and good quality notebooks. The price ranges from $10 to $30.

If you need a sketchbook with a strong paper and low price I suggest you the Canson with Mix Media paper. There are several types of Canson sketchbooks but that is the one I am using now and it allows me to play with a lot of supplies. Now, if you want something tougher but not so expensive I recommend a Lechturm or the Midori.

Art supplies I used in my Canson Sketch Esquisse I Croques

  • Kuretake Pen
  • Pentel Brush Pen
  • Pigma Micron 01, 02, 03.
  • Ecoline Liquid Watercolors
  • Copic markers
  • Promarkers Winsor & Newton
  • Kurecolors markers
  • Watercolors Winsor & Newton
  • Faber-Castell manga basic set
  • Inks Winsor & Newton
  • Mongol Pencil #2 (really)

That's all for now. I know it was a short post, but I'm trying of making small posts to publish more frequently.

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