September Fav's



Hi there! I’ve come back with this new entry in Newsletter format to share my favorites things about this past month, september. Links, readings, books, stuff, etc.



Personal, silly things I liked this month:

  • I have a new tattoo, made by Malory from La Emergente Colombia. I like it so much, it's really pretty (Yes, it was painful)

  • I bought a blue electric mixer so I can make cakes more easily. Before I did it by hand and with the blessing of a fork.

  • The improvised illustration I did for @365mujeresilustradas (mine is the last one)

  • My boy gave me the book of Good night stories for rebel girls, super cute and cool. This book is special because it was the most successful Kickstarter project about a book in the web.

  • Also, I got the new book from Frannerd and Eduardo Pavéz, Personas Favoritas, it's a big and really honest book about friendship as adults. Also the subject of the book has a Podcast, which you can listen to without the book.

  • I had an amazing upgrade in my skin because of the new dermatologic treatment I'm doing. Make-up has never been so fun!

  • My boy gave me an acrylic board to organize my week and I love it.

Note: Sorry, almost all the links are in spanish :(

Readings and videos of the month:


Things I don't need but I dream of:


Tools of the month:

  • My friend Maite wrote an entry about how to organize your mail effectively, one of the tools she mentioned was Unroll.Me and it saved my life. (She is a genius and you should follow her)

  • Autumn flower references here.


So, that's all guys, comment if you liked this kind of content and which link you liked the most. I love Tina Roth's talk. I have in mind to make the post about my method of organization but I'm a little full with work and getting ready for Inktober.

Speaking of it, are you ready? Do you have your list of prompts set? I have mine and I will do all inktober with ink wash, I'm excited and terrified. I’ll also leave here a special announcement, I want to buy a plane ticket for my dad so he can spend December with me in Bogota - Colombia (he lives in Venezuela and it’s been 2 years since we last saw each other). So, I will be selling all my Inktober original illustrations. I will give you all the process information in the post once it starts.

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