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My name is Valeria Diaz, I’m a freelance illustrator, I’m the one responsible for your personal data and the one behind the website, which from now on will be called “the website”.

You can contact me through email at


Terms & Conditions

• The User

To be clear, I’ll be referring to all who visits the website, accessing to any of its tabs or sections as “the user”. Since the moment the user starts browsing, a relationship is established where the user accepts the terms and conditions as well as the policies exposed here.

From now on I’ll refer to myself as “Valeria Diaz”.

• Responsibility

At no time the user should assume the content offered on the website excludes or replaces professional advice, the content exposed is merely informative in nature, with demonstrative or illustrative purposes. Valeria Diaz exempts herself from any direct or indirect responsibility that may arise from applying or using any of the content exposed on the website without proper professional advice. What is stated on the website cannot and should not be taken as professional advice.

• Intellectual and industrial property rights

The content created and exposed on this website is made by Valeria Diaz, so it’s her intellectual property, protected by the corresponding Copyright laws. In those cases where third party elements are included, the respective authors will be credited. Is understood as content: photographs, illustrations, texts, images, multimedia files, videos, logos, brands and any other type of file found on the website, being the aforementioned an enunciative and non-limiting title.

The content of the site cannot then be replicated, reproduced, distributed or transformed, neither totally nor partially, nor must any activity be performed that makes public or private, for commercial purposes or not, any content on the site, leaving all these actions totally forbidden, allowing Valeria Diaz, at any time, to take legal action against anyone who infringes any of these rights. This does not limit that said content can be shared as long as the original link is always included.

Privacy Policy

This website gathers some personal data with the purpose of offering the user the best service and to be able to promote the site, as well as share the created content. Some data is process by, you can read more about it here.

The related rights are duly protected, the user will be informed of the person in charge of the file, will remain in full access to its data, which may at any time rectify, cancel or oppose. This can be through any of the links included in the newsletter or through the email

The platform used for better management of emails provided by users is Mailchimp, for the newsletter, but for information sent through the contact form, the data will be managed through Gmail. Only emails whose subscription has been confirmed by the user directly will be registered.


Cookies Policy

• Previous Considerations

In order to have updated cookies, I used the Cookiebot service, which is dedicated to making a monthly scan of my website informing about the cookies used, as well as helping me offer you greater transparency, leaving you, the user, to choose with total freedom the cookies that you really want to see or not.

• Definition and function of cookies

Those strictly necessary are installed automatically, the others that can be used to personalize the content and ads, offer social network functions and analyze traffic, are left to your choice according to your selection below.

Your consent applies to the following domains:

Its current status: Allow all cookies (Required, Preferences, Statistics, Marketing).

What Cookies are not:
They’re not viruses, ads, spam nor internet pop-ups.

Where are they stored
They’re stored in each browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and not by the user. To check this, you can enter the same web domain and verify in two different browsers, seeing that the preferences may be different in each, or in a private window within the same browser.

What happens if I do not activate them?
As an example, the possible effects from not authorizing the use of cookies may be the following:

  • The chosen products will not be loaded in the store, so a shopping cart will not be created, preventing the possibility of ending with the acquisition of the desired products.

  • You will not be able to access the client section, personal section, nor any sections that requires confirmation.

  • The necessary data for the proper analysis of the site will not be collected, preventing knowing how to improve your experience.

  • You will not be able to share the content of the site on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

  • You will not be able to make comments on the blog posts.

  • You will not be able to use any social media site, since they all use Cookies to offer their services.

  • In certain website domains, your browsing could be considered as spam because it cannot be identified.

  • To name a few examples, but this list may be longer.


How to excercise your rights

At any time, you can deactivate any Cookies you do not want to use, changing your consent.

• How to delete all cookies

You can delete or block cookies, for any browsing you do or for any specific web domain. This configuration must be made on each browser. If you do it on one browser but not the rest in the same device, it will be assumed you do allow the use of Cookies in the remaining browsers. I cannot do this for you, you must do it in a responsible and particular way in each browser and/or device that you wish.

As each browser has different settings, you will need to go to the help section of each one to see the particular case.

• Guide on Cookies

If you wish to know what the Spanish Agency for Data Protection has said about it, you only need to click this link.