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Hi! My name is Valeria

I'm blind as a bat, other people's pets stalker and professional perfect WhatsApp GIF finder.

I also got a Bachelor's Degree in Arts with a Minor's in Graphic Design and got to exert as a Graphic Creative and Art Director until shortly after coming to Colombia, where I found illustration again as a passion and profession.

What do I do?

I'm a full-time illustrator for printed and digital projects. I'm a creator inspired by fashion, diversity and vulnerability. I share my day to day through my art in my blog and Instagram.

What will I do for you?

I'll turn abstract concepts into clear, concise and amazing illustrations. I've worked in editorial, advertising, products and commissions with great energy and organization that will make you feel at ease with me.

Where do I live?

I studied and worked a big part of my life in Venezuela but I moved to Bogota, Colombia a couple of years ago, where I've worked as an Art Director in agencies and start-ups, and now as a freelance illustrator.

Her commitment and conviction to leave it all in her pen tablet while staying true to her creativity are one of those details that make Val stand out.
— Javi Pacheco


¡Let's talk!

Tell me about the project of your dreams, let's make it a reality.
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